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Club 7 Inc. develops games mainly for mobile devices. We bring fun to the players’ gameplay experience by delivering fun games to the users. Our Games are freely available on App Store and Play Store.


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We, as Club 7 Inc, have a separate team of Android developers who work hard to deploy the best games to Play Store for Android users. Our games are totally free of ads. You can view our account and view our games on the Google Play store.

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We value Apple users and try to upload our games to the App Store along with other platforms. As Apple has strict regulations regarding games, our iOS developers put high effort on our games. They pay special attention to the graphics quality, fun factor of each game, sound effects, etc. to suit App Store standards as much as we can. The games in our application do not contain any advertisements or promotion of any products/services. Despite, our games are freely available for everyone, they do not have any in-app purchases. All these factors advance gameplay experience of our users. You can view our account and our games on the App Store.

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Unique Features

Club 7 Inc pay special attention to the quality of games. Our games have enhanced high-quality graphics which makes our games more attractive and entertaining. Also, the games on our platform are unique in terms of sound effects and visual animations.